Friday, January 25, 2013

Drug Court Judge Seeks Funding to Help More Mothers

Drug Court Judge Seeks Funding to Help More Mothers
Often times, people who have drug charges (felony or misdemeanors) have a drug problem.  They aren't the dealer that the police are looking to arrest.  They are the go between.  They perform this function not because they will get money from the drug sales, but because they will be paid with drugs.  It often seems unfair to me that these individuals are facing a lengthy sentence when they are not the real source of the problem.  That is where drug court comes in.  If the individual has a problem and wants help, they are put into the program and sometimes get the charge off their record.  People know that it is hard.  If there is a dirty screen, the judge may place them in jail for a few days.  They have to give multiple screens weekly, and attend weekly meetings.  It is hard.  This is the only way to start on the successful path to recovery.  There are people who want the minimum sentence so they can go out and do more drugs and the people who decide to try and put it behind them.  It is programs like the Drug Court and Veterans Court that give people a chance to get their life back.  The choice is ultimately up to them. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

It can happen to you!

Rep. Curry Todd Pleads Guilty to DUI, Gun Charges

I have told many people that a DUI can happen to any one.  Being charged with a crime does not make you a criminal.  It makes you an individual that made a mistake.  While there are permanent ramifications to a DUI conviction on your record, it will only ruin your life if you let it.  It often seems that politicians or rich people get out of DUI convictions.  This is not always true.  They just know the law and know what to do if stopped by an officer for a DUI.

The state of Tennessee prosecutes DUI cases to the fullest extent.  No matter how much I prep my clients, they are disappointed in the outcome.  Whether they end up pleading as charged or if it is reduced.   Cases are not dismissed because an individual is a good person and needs a break.  They are reduced when the person refuses to take the test, looks sober on video, and hires qualified counsel.  DUI laws are constantly changing and soon we will move to a blood draw requirement.  There will always be ways to challenge a test, but it is becoming harder. If charged, you need a criminal attorney who keeps up with the changing laws.